General Autopsy Resources
– CAP: Autopsy Topic Center: includes many useful documents and links
– CAP: Forensic Pathology Topic Center
– The Royal College of Pathology: run search for specific information
– The American Board of Pathology: Autopsy requirements for certification, with Autopsy Submission Form link

Regulatory Information
– CDC: Coroner/Medical Examiner Laws, by State (2015)
– CDC: Deaths Requiring Investigation, Comparisons Among States (2015) 
– CDC: National Notifiable Infectious Diseases (2015)
CDC: NDSS downloads page for the latest Reporting Exceptions (by State) spreadsheet
– CDC/NVSS: Birth and Death Certificates (2003): many documents and links
– CDC/NCHS: State Definitions and Reporting Requirements (1997) for fetal deaths
– CDC/NCHS: Physicians’ Handbook on Medical Certification of Death (2003)  [PDF]
– CDC/NCHS: ME & Coroners’ Handbook on Death Registration and Fetal Death Reporting (2003) [PDF]
– CDC: Guidelines for Safe Work Practices (2012): page 40 regarding autopsy
– FDA: Medical Device Tracking

Related Organizations
– Organ Procurement Organizations
– Willed Body Programs
– National Association of Medical Examiners includes “Public Info” section
– National Funeral Directors Association

Tools and Reagents
– CDC: Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch to arrange consultation by CDC
– Perinatology web site calculator page and  fetal calculator for ultrasonographers

Autopsy Reading 
– CDC: Autopsy, Medicine, and Mortality Statistics (2001): a collection of previously published articles relevant to autopsy [PDF]
– Webpath Gross Pathology:  a classic gross pathology resource